Last updated 17/09/2014
The convergence of Archives and Documentation: the issue of preserving documents in digital form
Proceedings - Documentation Group Seminar Lisbon, 4-5.06.2009
The digital world has taken over both our personal and professional lives. Within the space of a few years, digital technologies have practically become the sole means of producing, transferring and preserving our documents. This transformation affects all businesses and administrative bodies by reducing the use of paper to that of a short-lived work aid. Documentation centres and archives therefore find themselves at the forefront of managing this evolution. The information session addressed this issue by drawing on the expertise of the members of the Documentation Group. It analysed the scale of the challenge to be met by information professionals and tried to outline some proposed solutions both from a strategic and technical point of view. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who shared their experiences and contributed to the productive discussions during the latest Documentation Group seminar.
UIC - Documentation Centre
Trilingual publication (English, German, French)
87 pages,