Last updated 17/09/2014
GUIDE - Quality of rail freight transport
As a first step in the application of the CER/UIC/CIT Quality Charter for rail freight traffic the Freight Commission has recommended setting up Quality Routes as a strategic objective for improving the quality of international rail traffic. The present document was drawn up by the UIC Quality Working Group of the Freight Commission and shall serve as a practical guide (Section A) with a view to introducing quality management systems (QMS) in railway undertakings in accordance with ISO 9001. Section B of the guide describes the processes specific to quality routes that are indispensable in realisation of products. It therefore constitutes an essential part of the development of these quality routes. This guide will provide UIC members with the necessary tools; as for operational implementation, the responsibility lies with the company concerned. The guide is based on the experiences of the UIC Quality WG specialists and should be considered a non-compulsory directive.
UIC - Freight Department
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