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Expertise Development Platform, Helsinki, 13-14 June 2012

The next meeting of the Expertise Development Platform (regional networks Rail Training Centres : ERNTC, ANTC..) will take place on 13-14 June 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

The Expertise Development Platform is drawn from training organizations and companies, including commercial training organizations and also from Training professionals and experts.

This ensures that the workplan is appropriate to enable effective decision making regarding the development of common activities. This promotes dialogue and exchange for the mutual benefit of the European rail training sector . The platform’s active professional dialogue will guarantee competitiveness within the rail training sector. Like all other activities, training is becoming a business activity. The future for our training centers is to relate to the market by not being nationally focused and delivering in a monopolistic way.

All training centres are invited to attend.


Register here 

 Draft Agenda

PDF - 447.1 ko

For further information, please contact N. Amirault, Head of Unit - Expertise Development

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