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“Border crossing in the Schengen area and other areas” Working Group

Chaired by PKP PLK (Poland)

The objective is drafting of recommendations for the implementation of the security measures required at rail transport border points in conjunction with the Schengen acquis, through the application of a common method and analysis developed as part of work conducted since 2004.

The approach is to analyse Schengen border, develop partnership with the European agency Frontex, extend the analysis method to other areas.

A specific identity card, which exempted railway staff regularly crossing external Schengen borders from having to have their passport stamped on every occasion, had been approved on 2 December 2011 in Warsaw at the Frontex meeting. Next step is the ratification by the European Parliament and Council of the article 10 of the Schengen agreement modified so that railway staff could benefit from the same type of exemption as sailors and air crews.

Since beginning of 2013, the group is merged with the group Security of freight corridors in a common group dedicated to the border crossings : BIRC - Security – Border Crossing, International Railway Corridors

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