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Seminar on interoperability

 Program of the seminar

 What means ‘Interoperability’?

‘Interoperability’ is the ability of the trans-European rail system to allow the safe and uninterrupted movement of trains which accomplish the specified levels of performance. This ability rests on all the regulatory, technical and operational conditions which must be met in order to satisfy essential requirements.

(Art. 2 of the Directives 96/48 and 01/16)

Austria (ÖBB): Mr. Pulker, Ewald, Belgium (INFRABEL): Mr.Sannen, Joe, Denmark (DSB): Mr. Jakobs Johs Ronberg, France (RFF): Mr. Plessis du, Gabriel, France (SNCF): Mr. Losfelt, Denis, France (SNCF): Mrs.Andriveau, Apolline, Germany (DB AG): Mr. Zeug, André, Germany (DB AG): Mr. Fassmann, Richard, Ireland (Irish Rail): Mr. Pierce, Willie, The Netherlands (NS): Mr. Steller, Frank and Mr. Alexander Arsath Roi’s, The Netherlands (ProRail): Mr.Dino Gaya Walters, Norway (NNRA): Mr. Melby, Per, Norway (NSB): Mr. Forfang, Kjetil, Portugal (CP): Mr. Almeida, Joao Manuel, Spain (ADIF): Mrs. Margarita Risueno Pena, Sweden (Banverket):Mr. Kyhle, Per, Mr. Karlin, Anders and Mr.Hagberg, Christer, Switzerland (SBB): Mr. Schwaninger, Kurt , Poland: Mr. Jasinksi and Mrs. Muszynska, UIC: Mr. Sellnick, Oliver, CER CER Community of the European Railways Mr. Veenman Aad and Mr. Hall, UNIFE UNIFE Union of European Railway Industries : Mr. D. Nieuwenhuis and Mrs Martins, Susanna.

 Members area


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