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Rules and Regulations on the Working Groups


Following the decision that was taken in Amsterdam, October 2005, Per Melby (JBV) presented during the 41st ERPC conference the Rules and Regulations for Working Groups (WG) defined in collaboration with Mr. per Khyle (Banverket) and Mr. K. Schwaninger (SBB).

Rules and Regulations for ERPC Working Groups

Here are the rules and regulations that have been voted by all ERPC members who participate in the 41st ERPC conference:

  1. New WG is decided by the main meeting in the ERPC by ¾ majorities of attendants
  2. Close down of a WG is decided by the main meeting after suggestion of the manager of the WG or by the main meeting it selves by 3/4 majority of attendants
  3. Voluntary participations in the WG
  4. Manager of the WG should be a member of the main meeting except for the Energy WG
  5. Mandate and timeframe for the WG shall be lined out and put forward to the Presidency after the first meeting in the WG for approval
  6. Minutes from all of the meetings shall be sent to each member of the main meeting
  7. The Agenda of the meeting should be sent to all of the members of the main meeting for orientations and eventually comments
  8. The WG shall give a status rapport both writhen in forehand (ref. progress report in use) to members of the main meeting and be presented at the meeting
  9. Minutes and progress report shall be put on the ERPC web site
  10. Hosting member of the WG meetings can get a contribution of 1000€ for documented expenses per meeting
  11. Expenses for buying know-how for studies in work of the WG can be covered. But proposal shall be presented to the Presidency in forehand for approval
  12. The Secretary general and President shall have a meeting per year with managers of the WG before the annual report for discussions of the progress and success of the WG
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